Sunday, August 23, 2009

Injuries and other random things.

I got my first real jiu jitsu injury. I popped two capsules in my elbow. Woohoo! lol

It happened Saturday morning, and tonight it is all ready feeling better. I’ve been keeping it on ice, and I even wrapped an ice pack on to my arm when I went to bed. (Which isn’t the best idea… I went to bed cold, and woke up with a soaking wet arm.) Being wet and cold aside, I do think it helped. Sunday morning it was really bothering me, but like I said… it is starting to feel a lot better. I can almost fully extend it now without pain. I’m hoping that it will be fully recovered by Tuesday so I can get my revenge. lol Kidding, kidding. No revenge needed… it was totally an accident.

I’ve been doing yoga for almost two weeks, and I have walked 3-4 miles every single night for 22 days. … Woohoo, again. Though, the past two nights I’ve been semi-harassed by weirdoes. I am never walking without my dog again. And just a heads up guys… honking, hooting or making kissy faces at me will only make me want you to do four things….

1. 1 Get a potato.

2. 2 Wrap it in foil.

3. 3 Put it in your pocket.

4. 4 Die in a fire.

This way, you will be gone and I will have a baked potato. lol It’s win-win.

Seriously though, has that ever worked… You honk your horn at a girl, and then suddenly she wants your body? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t… so, knock it off.

And on a semi-sad note, my favorite jiu jitsu teacher started a new job this week, so he won’t be able to continue teaching our class. He’s an awesome teacher, and I will miss him, but I am super happy for him and his new job.

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  1. That's the funniest thing I've read in a week. I'm stealing it.