Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad Mommy Points.

I was soaking my feet in the tub last night, and Micah came in to go to the bathroom. He was singing and being cute, so I was really quiet so I could listen to him without interrupting him. I had the shower curtain pulled shut, and he didn’t notice me at all…. So after about 10 minutes being the awesome mom that I am, I decided to scare him. I roared and grabbed him through the curtain. He screamed and ran all the way to his bedroom. It was hilarious.... until he started crying.

Oh well, live and learn. Don’t scare your 4 year old while he is trying to go to the bathroom.


  1. Heh - that makes me think of my niece, though she tends to react rather differently. She normally bursts out laughing at things that I would have thought would scare a normal 18 month old (that Tickle Me Elmo thing is pretty terrifying, for a start...;p), and also seems to find other babies crying hysterical.

  2. Too funny! My son cries when other kids cry, but my daughter laughs.

    My daughter is a little sinister for a 2 year old though. I am going to get her into jiu-jitsu when she is older. I think she will eat it up. =)