Monday, August 31, 2009

I do not have a black eye. Yay!

And it appears that I do not have fangs lodged in my bite, but hurts a LOT more then I would have thought. I mean, it’s like 20 little puncture wounds… but my finger feels like it was run through a pasta maker. It doesn’t really make sense… I know snakes bite hard, but it’s not like their crushing power is in their mouth… it’s the body… and she had my whole hand and wrist wrapped up, not my finger. But either way, Sally seems to be fine so I am happy.. and I was worried about infection because snakes have filthy mouths, but as of right I don’t think there is any infection. The punctures are not inflamed at all.. so far. I cleaned it really well, and put Neosporin on it last night.

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