Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miami Open 2.0

The Miami Open is in a couple of weeks.  Getting very excited.  

I'm on weight, and feel prepared.  Huge contrast to the last Open.  I had no idea I was going to be competing in the blue belt division until a week before hand.  I was terrified, and I went to Miami prepared for defeat, and not surprisingly, was defeated.  That will not be the case this time.

I still feel like a baby blue belt, as I've only been wearing it for a year now, but I feel ready to compete this time.

I've been training consistently, so I know am a better grappler than I was last year but I feel like I've made some major strides in the past couple of months.  I owe a lot of that to my teammates... bless them and their seemingly infinite patients with me and my questions and requests for post class grappling.  You guys are the best!

I have about two weeks of training left.  My goal for the next two weeks is to grapple every last grapple as though I am competing... focus, push myself, commit to every thing I attempt, and most importantly, follow the guidelines for blue belt.  Which means, no foot locks or knee bars, and thanks to my fellow Jew on the mat, I actually managed a few successful foot locks and knee bars in the past couple of months.  I will have to save those for my next no gi competition.  =)  



  1. hope it all goes well, keep us posted! Isn't it crazy how in just a year you've grown so much. I know at least that's how I feel.