Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seminars, Seminars, Seminars!

The Muzio seminar was awesome!!  He went over the IBBJF rules in great detail, and answered a ton of questions for us.  And, he showed us some pretty awesome technique.  Perhaps my new favorite sweep for when people stand in your guard.  Now... someone just needs to stand in my guard so I can try it in a live grapple.

It is basically this, with some slightly different details;

Right after the Muzio seminar, Allie and I with the help of about 8 other really awesome guys held a self defense seminar at a local church for a really awesome charity.  ( Derrick Davis, one of Fabio's purple belts taught the seminar.  We had a pretty good turn out, and a lot of fun.  Hopefully we will pick up a few new people from the exposure!  Yay!

And tonight, Allie and I (mostly Allie) are teaching a Women's Self Defense seminar for Relay for Life.  I am really excited!

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