Friday, February 19, 2010

Injury updates

My left wrist seems to be fine.  I have not worn my wrist brace to class in about two weeks, and it has given me no trouble.  Yay!

The left side of my rib cage is still sensitive to pressure, and aches when I pull anything with my left arm, but it is manageable.  Not that there is anything I could do about it anyway.... but this is pretty much how it has been since I popped my rib in the first place.  It's always been a little sensitive to pressure, but the generally achiness  comes and goes.

My toe is still broken, or jammed or whatever it is.  It hurts to walk without tape, and it hurts to bend it downward period.... and I can not bend it downward with out physically pushing it down with my hand.  I might go to the doctor just to make sure it's not too mangled.  But, I am able to grapple with it...  I just have to be careful.

And my gi burn is still disgusting.  I have to keep it wrapped up when I grapple because it leaks and bleeds, so it has yet to scab over.  It doesn't hinder my ankle's range of motion used to sting when I would turn my ankle..  Obviously it still hurts when someone grabs a hold of it... and it is in a really nice spot for grabbing and holding.  lol   But I don't grapple on Fridays so, I am going to let it get some air and hopefully a scab.

So, all and all, I feel pretty good.

Except for the fact that I think I might be starting to get a little tiny bit of CAULIFLOWER EAR!


Ear protection here I come.


  1. Gosh, your list of BJJ owies is alot like mine. Sore wrist and ribs, check. Sore shoulder instead of toes, and gi burn on my throat (but not as bad as yours). Oh, and the black eye (but now mostly yellow).

    I have a pair of the Brute Shockwave ear protectors. I wear them all the time in class (I look so cool) and I don't notice them too much unless I scrape them across the floor. Then they make a nice little squeak.

    Good luck with the ear.

  2. I have yet to get a black eye grappling. I think I've been lucky.

    Shoulder injuries must be annoying. I tweeked mine months ago, but it only bothered me for a week or so and has been fine since. A sore shoulder really hinders your entire upper body movement... I would hate to put up with it for very long. My toe is annoying, but totally manageable.

    And I am going to get some ear protection ASAP. I am sure I will get mocked for it... almost no one wears ear in class, but I am sure they would tease me more if I let my ear start looking like BJ Penn, who has a butt hole on the side of his head. At least I can take the ear protection off. LOL

  3. I'm on my third black eye since November. So hard to explain at work.

    Yes, shoulder injuries suck especially when they last for years. It really affects my ability to frame to get space.

    I agree that the ear protectors do make you look like a spazz. But like you said, you can take them off at the end of class. :)