Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I got to grapple Ben!

Tonight I got to grapple my instructor Ben, for the first time in about 5 weeks. The difference between Ben, and say another student who is a blue belt is like a mountain and a mole hill. He moves SO much, and so fast, and so fluidly... it's just insane. I can do nothing against that man except try and move under him... he even started with his back to me. lol I think I got half a hook in.. maybe. It is great movement practice though, and he does things that you just don't see... or feel in a normal grapple.

And tonight Ben made us grapple for 6 minutes instead of 5 and didn't tell us until afterward. I didn't even notice. Yay for that.... and we did 6 back to back grapples, which is more then we normally do. I am just glad that tonight was the night I decided to try and pace my breathing, and remain calm when I grappled. lol Other wise I would have been a limp noodle by the end of class.

And I hate Tuesday nights... I go to classes on Monday, Tuesday and then Saturday. The wait from Tuesday to Saturday kills me every time!

I really want to get a private lesson sometime soon. I think I might do it this Thursday. I really just want to sit down with someone who knows what the heck they are talking about and pick their brain... ask them all the weird random questions I have, and get some advice on take downs.

I also just want to roll with someone who good, and then ask them what I need to work on most. I grapple a lot with Allie and Phil during the week, but we are all pretty much on the same basic level, so it is hard to tell where exactly I suck the most.

And on a random side note, it is really hard to tell someone who knows nothing about Jiu-jitsu a story about jiu-jitsu. I tried to tell a friend about my hole in the wall incident, and the response was basically this...

" ...... .... I have no idea what you just said."


  1. hahahaha, that is so funny about trying to tell people about BJJ who don't practice it. Most people I talk to assume BJJ is like karate or something.

  2. I think he got confused my the term "triangle"..

    "Wait... You were in a.... 'triangle'?"