Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curse you retardedly shaped body!

Curse you retardedly shaped body!

I am trying to buy a gi for jiu jitsu. I am having several problems with this.

1. I am not a man.
2. My arms are disproportionally long for my body.
3. I have no upper body muscle, and I have boobs.
4. I am 10 feet tall.

So, what this means is the gis that will fit my blasted monkey arms are like 20+ pounds outside my weight range. And since I have really long arms, I am really self conscious about sleeves being too short… so I need to find out if I should just swim in my gi, or have short sleeves.
The other option is get a female gi… and I can find no girl gi’s on ebay… So, I have to buy one new, and they aren’t cheap… Female gis are more expensive then the male ones, but they would fit me properly weight/height wise.. So… do I spend the extra money on one that will fit me properly?... or will it not make that big of a difference… and I also need to find out if I do go with the male gi, should I go for the right weight, or height and just feel like an idiot in my too-short sleeves.

I also want to know if I can wear black even though I am a jiu jitsu newb. And does the black fade quickly… Because if I am going to drop extra money on a black female gi, I don’t want it to be grey in a few months…


  1. lol!! I love your comment on your own blog.

  2. I'm guessing you've long since delved deeply into the world of gis, but if you're looking for cheap without losing much quality, a judo gi is the way to go (some minor differences to a specifically BJJ gi, like longer skirt, but I haven't noticed that causing any major problems).

    I bought one for £20 from my university club back in 2005, and its still going strong.

  3. Couple things.. One, it is totally okay to wear whatever color you want as long as (a) your school doesn't have rules about it, and (b) you're not competing at the international level, like Mundials and Pan Ams. They care-- there, it has to be white or blue (though they don't care what shade of blue.)

    Two, black gis will fade. White gis get tinted even if you bleach them. Blue gis fade. It happens and you will be happy when it does because you will look less like a newb :)

    Three, better to have the proper sleeve length, and get your gi tailored to take in the excess in other places.

  4. I never even thought about having my gi tailored. Thanks! I am going to look into it.