Friday, September 9, 2011

It's the Final Countdown!

Six weeks until the Miami Open.

Thinking about it now, I should have started my 'training camp' last week, so I could relax a bit the week before the Open, but five weeks of hard training should be just fine.

On top of trying to finagle two extra classes a week, I think I might do the thing I never thought I would have the motivation to do.

The 6 am class.

Fabio's is 30 minutes from my house, and if I want to arrive in my BJJ pajamas, and not my actual pajamas that means I have to be up at 5 am.

I am told this is what sunrise looks like... but I've never been up that early to verify.

If I can manage that I will be able to hit the gym 6 times a week.  I am super excited about that considering for the better part of the past nine months I've been there 1-2 times at best. 

Other good news is that I've been feeling like a semi-competent grappler lately.  It is staving off some of my epic terror.... but I am sure that will pass.  It is just merely an up in my training... and this up is starting to put the fear of god in me... as far as training goes anyway.  There is always a down promptly following one of my ups... and depending on the speed and velocity of the down, I may be in for a rough couple of weeks.. When I have a run in with some bad weeks on the mat my confidence in myself waivers and I don't want that on top of my competition doubts and jitters.  

I just have to ride this up all the way to the podium.  

I will say this though... I am SO glad I decided to go medio.  I'd be a mess if I had weight to worry about as well.

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  1. Good luck with early-risin'. That's dedication. Maybe you could sleep in your gi? Then your jammies would be your gi and you could sleep an extra half hour!

    LOVE the German Shepard-kitty photo. I felt like that cat through my whole (one) tournament.