Friday, September 23, 2011

I am moving!

... at least, on the internet.  =)

I have an extreme dislike for the new super stalker feature on Facebook.

I will still use my Facebook page to keep up with those not on Google+ and post pictures for my grandma who calls me on a regular basis to ask for more photos of the kids....  but other than that I will be on Google+.

My Facebook Page

My Google+ Page

My Jiujitsunista Facebook Page - This I will still update.

Add me on either if you wish.   =)


  1. I spend so little time on fb any more (thank goodness for my work firewall) so can you tell me more about this super stalker thing? thanks!

  2. I emailed you... I rambled quite a bit, but I sent an attachment of the super stalker bar. hehe

  3. I don't know about it, either. I steer away from fb because I find it creepy in general. Plus, they wouldn't take Shark Girl as a name, lol! Would you mind rambling to me? Have I told you how much I love your rambles??

  4. hahahha! I am glad you enjoy my rambles as that is basically all I do.

    Anytime you would like a ramble let me know, and I can hook you up. lol!