Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you an IBJJF registered athlete?

What is the deal with that?

It looks to me that aside from black and brown belts it is an optional thing, but they make things more difficult for unregistered athletes.

I'm sure it will make things easier for them to keep track of individual's rank and competition record to prevent sandbagging and what not, but to me it just seems like another pointless way to take our money.  Maybe I am just being grouchy about it, but I don't see the point.  Not counting food and travel expenses, it costs 100 dollars to compete... and now I have to pay an additional 30 dollars annually?  Lame.

Or am I missing the point?

Is there some other reason for this? I mean, I don't need a card to tell me how good or bad I am at Jiu-jitsu.  I can see that for myself every time I get on the mat.

If you have any input on the matter I'd be happy to hear it....  otherwise I am just going to go administer some Dorito & Midol therapy and stop blogging while irritated.  lol


  1. One of the many reasons I don't compete is cost. It looks like a cash grab to me, but according to various threads I've read, apparently this has been the way it's done in Brazil for years, rather than something the IBJJF suddenly brought in to gouge US competitors.

  2. Well, I suppose it is less annoying if this was a long standing arrangement else where... and not just someone's random idea on how to get even more money coming in.

    Either way though, long term or new BJJ robbery... still annoying.

  3. It's common practice with Judo tournaments, you have to be a member of USJF or USJA to compete. However at our school, we will usually waive the tourney fee if you register on site. Still, Judo tournaments are normally way cheaper than Jiu-Jitsu.

  4. As long as people are willing to pay 100.00 to compete, the tournament organizers will charge it. Smaller local tournaments are going cheaper, 40-60.00 plus free absolute class. IBJJF in business for making money and I'm sure their goal is to grow and find new ways to make money. The same way people complain about NAGA but still go and pay 100.00 to wait all day and compete...

  5. My opinion and just my opinion - I think the registration and registration fee serves two functions. 1) Take more money while providing NO additional features or services for the money. 2) Block certain teams or individuals from competing.

    On point number 1: While it is true you need to be a member of USJA or USJF to compete in their events those organizations also provide a medical insurance plan to all of its members. The insurance plan provides coverage in case of a Judo related injury either in competition or during training. While the insurance isn't great it is at least a service one can point to and say "that is what my money is buying me".

    On point number 2: There is a lot of BS out there about "clear water Jiu Jitsu" and how the only real Jui Jitsu is taught by those who learn the art from (insert name of school here). While I don't like all of the McDojos popping up claiming to teach BJJ I worry about an organization that says "what you're doing isn't BJJ unless you learned it from this particular set of instructors ". The other thing to consider is all of the politics in BJJ. Consider the instructor that gets into or has a long standing feud with a high ranking official in the IBJJF. Is that school sudden not considered an official school and is no longer allowed to compete? What about the schools that teach more of a Catch Wrestling style of grappling? Is this rule targeting those schools because certain players from those schools are doing very well in BJJ tournaments and making other players look bad in the process? Consider the part of the rules that require BJJ instructors to prove their lineage back to Helio. What does that do to the killer Judo or Sambo player that wants to compete in an IBJJF event? It certainly seems like that rule is targeting non BJJ grappling arts. Why wouldn’t it be ok for the Judo player to trace his or her linage back to Kano since BJJ traces its roots back to Judo? Judo is guilty of the same stupid politics you see in BJJ. Those politics in my opinion have lead to the downfall of Judo in the US so I hate to see the IBJJF should follow the same path. Sorry for the long comment, but I think the issue deserves a lot more attention than it is getting. I am sure many will disagree with me, and that’s fine this is just my opinion.

  6. Sounds like a bit of a bum arrangement to me. With the high price of Bjj tournaments it seems a bit of a rip off to charge a large registration fee. Unless you were to get money off of tournament entrance fees and various other concessions for it. \m/

  7. Anon - I don't really mind paying to compete. I expect to pay more for a larger competition because they require more staff. People have to get paid for working them... I do think 100 bucks a pop is a little steep, but I can't at least understand where that money is going. Refs, people working the tables... where as this new IBJJ registered athlete thing fee thing... It seems utterly pointless... and I do have a problem paying money JUST to pay it.

    BJJJudo - Thanks for your comment! The very first thing I did upon hearing about this new thing was look to see if the registered athletes got any sort of discount on competitions or any other 'perk' for being registered, but as far as I can tell, there is nothing. If it went to something... anything at all, even insurance of some kind, I would have less of an issue with it. I agree with you 100% though, it looks to me as though it is just more pointless rules, regulations and fees. Boo!

  8. I do agree with BJJJudo. As someone who trains Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, but not BJJ, I would not be allowed to compete in an IBJJF tournament, which I believe is the main point of that rule. If it was just about the money, they would let anyone register.

    I have chosen to not be a member of USJA or USJF, so the only Judo competitions I can do are those that are unsanctioned, such as our State Games. Personally, I take exception to this whole exclusionary process.

  9. the reason they have these dumb rules, is because they are trying to push a international bjj tournament style and establish the rules, so they can get bjj in the 2016 olympics in brazil