Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Back to back classes this morning.

Women's Class, promptly followed by Open mat.

Both of which were awesome for different reasons.

Two of the young girls who attend the women's class shocked the snot out of me.  Both of them were pulling off sweeps and guard passes properly this morning.  I mean, they were doing actual, legit Jiu-jitsu.  It blew my mind.  With as much as they laugh and giggle they are actually learning.  Amazing!  If I could go back in time and change one thing in my life, I would have started BJJ when I was a kid.  I hope they stick with it as they get older!

Open mat was also awesome.  20 minute grapples.  Win!

I was a little afraid of who was going to show up for Open mat....  I've been warned it's a lot of the bigger, me-smash-me-pass type grapplers.  Thankfully though, a couple of people showed up who I really enjoy grappling.  Much fun was had.

One thing amused me though.  Until this morning, I have never grappled a dude who smelled better than I did.  Women's Class + Open Mat had me quite ripe by the time noon rolled around.  One of the guys I rolled with smelled nice... and on top of that, he had on a prettier gi than I did!  lol  He has a really awesome tie dye gi.  I was wearing my blue Fenom, which is beautiful, and I love it... but it's not tie dyed.

It was an interesting turn of the tables.  lol  I'm not sure I liked it.  hahaha!


  1. haha smelled better than you did lol i have yet to encounter that almost every gi class i have a guy that'll be on top in side control and will pause to snif my gi lol i always tell them it's the dryer sheets.

  2. hahaha!

    You know what I recently discovered... Downy Unstoppables. They are WAY better than dryer sheets. .... too bad I didn't use them yesterday morning. lol