Sunday, April 17, 2011

Third Annual Saporito Seminar!

Not surprisingly, it was fantastic.  

Saporito is just simply one of the coolest people alive.  He doesn't even speak the same language I do, yet still manages to make me feel welcome and appreciated.  

For the majority of the seminar he took one position, and showed us what to do with it.. Then what we should do if we can't do that... and then what to do if you can't get that... and so on.  It was awesome.  Behold, the power of transition!

Then he showed us how to counter act and escape 50/50 guard.  Apparently he has seen it used a lot in competitions only to stall, so he showed us how to avoid getting there, and if we do find out selves there, how to get out of it.  No one at Fabio's really uses 50/50 though, so I doubt I will get much practice with it.  Hopefully I will remember this information if I ever find myself needing it in competition.

Allie and Kara drilling

Drilling with Kara

After the official ending time of the seminar, we took pictures because some people had to leave, and then he showed us more stuff!  Basic things, like an armbar from guard.  Rehashing all those tiny details that make all of the difference in the world.

Paul, Ozzy, Fabio's Father-in-Law, Saporito, Fabio

Saporito always rotates Fabio's higher belts (Black/Brown/Purple) as demonstration dummies.  Well, he mostly uses Ozzy who comes from Rio with him, but he also uses Fabio, and Fabio's upper belts.  But for some reason he saw it fit to use me... a lowly white belt to embarrass and humiliate.

It was almost shocking how tight his armbar was even before he was doing the actual barring.  Before he even 'put it on', it was tighter than most arm bars that I've been put in. 

Paul, Fabio, Saporito, Ben, Fabio's Father-in-Law and Ozzy down there in the front.

Joyce very unfortunately had a migraine that morning, but stuck it out, and came to the seminar anyway.  Saporito went all Mr. Miyagi on her forehead and she said it helped a lot.

 Saporito, Me, Allie and Fabio.

Bird in the gym?  No.  I dunno what I am doing other than needing a tan. .. And Allie is apparently about to spit on Kara.  This picture makes me laugh.

Kara being Kara.

Me and Saporito!

Fabio and me

 Fabio, Saporito and me

Kara went and got her gi on.  lol

Ozzy and I.  I think he is the tiniest black belt ever.  =)  And he is as nice as he is small.  

Team Fabio!


  1. I don't think I've gotten a chance toc omment on the front, but I love the hair!

    The seminar looks amazing...

  2. The seminar was amazing! You should come to the next one! =)

    And thank you!