Monday, April 4, 2011

New meat!

There were two new girls tonight at Fabio's.  One is new-new, and the other has about 6 months of training, but new to our gym, Amy.  The new new girl is a young teenager, Amy is an adult, who is bigger than I am.  In shape, just taller and bigger.... and stronger.  It's nice to actually have a bigger-than-me female!  And she is very, very energetic.  I mean, she went with 125% of what she had.  Which is honestly, a little least since it was not a man trying to squash me into oblivion.  Most newer women sit across from me, and kind of sort of try and pull on my gi, and kind of sort of lean toward me a little... and kind of sort of sit there scared for 5 minutes.  But not her.  She did something to me that I have only ever had a man do, and only once.... and it was one of the biggest strongest men in our gym.  I'd gotten her in a triangle, and she sat up.  I mean, just clean sat up with me attached to her head.  I leaned so he would fall onto her back, and then she rolled around some more.  It felt like I was riding a bucking bronco..  So, I figured, I would just hang on to her head until the blood supply to her brain ran out.  So that is what I did.  Then, it happened again.... and then again.

So, I showed her what she was doing that was causing her to get triangled repeatedly, and from there showed her a proper guard pass until time ran out.  I generally shy away from correcting people, or telling them how to do something, but she was swimming an arm into my closed guard...and as far as I know that will accomplish nothing short of getting you traingled.

I am really excited to have her as a new addition.  I am pretty sure she will stick around too.  She trained at an off shoot of Fabio's.  South Shore BJJ, when I went to Summerlin, our school visited their's, and vice versa.  Anyway, sadly South Shore had to close it's doors recently due to their instructors just having too much going on with life, and what not to keep the school open.  She is a prison guard at a male prison, and wants to take BJJ for obvious reasons.  So she makes a 60 mile round trip drive to Fabio's to train.  I really think she will stick with it.  YAY!

Oh, and less than two weeks until the Saporito Seminar!  Double yay!


  1. 60 miles round trip to train...that is some serious dedication. That puts in perspective how lucky I am to have relatively so many schools in my area. Hope she continues to stick it out! sounds like a good addition.

  2. I'm glad that have Amy has started coming too. She is very sweet and I think she is going to be a good training partner, as well. We gotta' continue building our army of women so we can one day carryout our evil plan of overthrowing the male regime! Ladies of the mat unite!

    Oh wait...did I just spill the beans about our evil plan? Oopsie boo boo!