Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I was 'that guy' tonight.

You know Mr. Injured who only has pain when he is in a bad position?  Yeah, that was me tonight.

Yesterday, like a graceful swan, I fell down a flight of stairs.  I didn't really get any serious injuries.. just some bruising... and one pretty sever bruise on my outer right thigh.

I am pretty sore, but if I didn't go to class, I wouldn't train at all this week, so I went.  We drilled throws.  Ugh.  I wasn't about to be, yeah, let me throw you a bunch of times, and then never give you a chance to throw me.  So I got rag dolled a bit, but was able to mostly land on my good side. Yay there.

Then it came time to grapple... and being that my only genuinely painful bruise is on my outer right thigh... the side I most often hip to, and generally I am only hipping out when I am in some sort of danger... or repositioning... but anyway.  I was grappling, and about to have my guard passed, and ended up on my side, and as she came through, she went over my thigh with all her weight, and it hurt.  Bad. Almost cry out in pain bad.  I had to ask if she could move off my leg.  So, we reset.

I felt like a douche.  I could for the most part grapple like a normal person, except when I was laying on my bad side.  So, I know it looks like I am making it up because the pain is ONLY when I am in a bad position.

And to make matters worse, it doesn't even look that bad, but oh my gosh, does it hurt.

This is right after it happened.  Thankfully I was wearing jeans. 

This is it later that day.

Day Two: (i'm going to edit in pictures until I get bored with it. hehe)

Day Three:


Sorry everyone.


  1. Ouch! That looks brutal. Skinned skin, through jeans? Totally understandable.

  2. No, it's only douchey when your "injury" magically appears and disappears from grapple to grapple, depending on whether or not you are in an advantageous decision. You had an actual injury, which bothered you in every grapple and in drilling. You shouldn't feel bad!! :)

  3. There are typically two explanations for tumbling down stairs:

    1) laundry basket mishap.
    2) drunkenness.

    Do either (or both) of these apply? :)

  4. @Kirsch - Neither. It involved a small child, cheesecake, fruit salad and high heels. I saved the cheesecake btw. lol