Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Compliments that sound like insults...

I got another one tonight....

"You feel sturdy... like a man."

One of the girls tonight said of all the girls at Fabio's she has the most fun with me because I feel sturdy like a man... As in, she doesn't feel like she can break me.  However, it may be the fact that I am an honest to goodness foot taller that she is...

I laughed, but I did take it as a compliment, just the way I think it was nice when I get told how heavy I feel mid grapple.  Anywhere else I might have to fight back tears, but it is one of my favorite things to hear when I have someone in side control.

...So, thanks Wizzy... You feel sturdy like a man too.  =)

I'm sure everyone else gets them too.... What are your favorite insults outside of BJJ compliments?

....and btw, if you google image search "Sturdy like a man" ... you will get pictures of this very strange pillow.

Apparently it feels sturdy like a man.


  1. You all look like an advertisement for FENOM gi's. :-)

  2. If I can get the last three girls in our gym to get one... and two of them have already said they are going to order one, I will have the entire female side of the gym fenom'd out. hehe

  3. The blue ones are available now!! :)

  4. One of the women at my gym saw me in the parking lot on my moped while wearing a business suit. She came up to me and said, "you look cute riding a moped in a suit, but not in a masculine way"!

  5. @Dolph - LOL! Too funny.

    @SK - Erica and I both preordered the blue one, and it is quickly becoming the favorite girl in in the gym. I think everyone has said they want one. It is terrific!

  6. Haha, yes, I have gotten some of those compliments before too. Once, someone told me, "You know, you can really pull of that 'I don't care' look. Me, I am more of a Southern Belle." LOL But as far as BJJ goes, one guy told me today that I felt as heavy as a man. And that actually made me very happy. lol

  7. When New Girls started coming to class, one guy said, "I'm gonna have to change in the bathroom now." I said, "Wait, you don't do that for me." "Yeah, well, you're one of the guys."

    Thanks . . . I think!

  8. hahahahah! Who said that to you Allie? You can pull off the "I don't care look." .. but really it it just because you are naturally beautiful so you don't actually have to care. Some of us have to... you know... paint out faces on so we resemble human beings.