Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lemme hear it for the big girls! lol

Last night there was a girl at Fabio’s who was bigger than I am.. Or at least, she felt bigger than me. She was heavier, but I don't know about height. It is hard to tell how big someone is when we are sitting on the mat. Anyhow, the few girls I am able to grapple on a regular basis are considerably smaller then I am... as in almost an entire foot shorter. So every time I go with someone larger, it’s a guy who can pretzel me with ease. It was nice to finally roll with a girl who is bigger, and not get handled like a naughty two year old.

The girl I grappled has been doing Jiujits for about two years she said, but not seriously... on and off, and I was able to hold my own against her, and submit her a few times. It was a nice boost of confidence before the tournament this weekend. Normally, I am just getting my butt handed to me repeatedly, and I feel like a complete newb after class. I have class again tonight, and Wednesday, so I am sure my sails will be deflated again before the weekend, but either way, it was nice to finally roll with a bigger girl. I am less worried about it now...not that I was really that concerned with finding another gigantic female grappler. hehe But with my long list of things I am panicking over, it's nice to check one off.

Four more days!

I am just a glutton for punishment I guess... I am really nervous about this competition, but I want nothing more then to do it. I need to remember I've only been doing this for a few months. I am a crappy little Jiujitsunista... I need to accept that, and be okay with it. =)

I am just going to do my best... and if I get beaten, I get beaten... .... and I will not cry! lol


  1. Yay for rolling with girls! I got to do it this weekend, too, and it really is nice to realize that you're not a jiu-jitsu reject. I'm usually the opposite, though -- I can't find anyone small enough to roll with.

    Tournament advice: other girls will be tough, will be going harder than you think they will, and will be out for blood (or winning). Not to scare you, but just so you know that they'll come ready to rumble. That was the biggest surprise to me, somehow, at my first tournament.

  2. Thanks, bjjgrrl! One of my instructors rolled with me last night, and was kind of rough. He held me down on the mat by my face and stuff like that. He wasn't trying to be a jerk, he was just trying to prepare me for girls going rough. One of the other girls from my school told me the same thing.. she said she was completely black and blue after her first competition... So I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the manhandling, but I am sure it will still be a shock when it actually happens.

    And yes... it is nice to not feel like a jiujitsu reject every once in a while! hehe

  3. Woot!! You're going to do awesome. I can't wait!!