Monday, November 2, 2009


I need to be under 144.9

I am 144.0 this morning.


Now I just have to maintain for 5 days. I don't have to worry about dehydrating... or spitting.. Thank goodness. I don't think I am capable of spitting with out getting it on myself.. and I really didn't want to spend a day trying to spit, and end up changing my shirt 15 times.

And now that my paranoia about my weight is over.... I can already feel the nerves setting in. ... and I'm thinking about how I have done one whole take down ever. One. My second one will be in my first competition.

Honestly though, my biggest fear is disappointing my instructors. I don't want to let them down.

And on a semi-related side note..... Sometimes being tall sucks! lol


  1. When you have reached weight you might consider going for a pound or two below-- to accommodate those little fluctuations we have or whatever variance there is in the scale at the tournament. Also to assuage any worries on the day of weigh-ins.

    You'll do fine with your takedowns; the other chicks are just as scared and even less technical :)

  2. Congrats, Steph! I wish I could say that I've met my weight goal, but I am STILL four pounds out. You have a lot more self-discipline than I do when it comes to food! And as far as your performance in the tournament goes, you will not disappoint our instructors. They know we've only been taking class about 3 months. And besides, I really think you are going to do a lot better than you think. You've got this!! ;)

  3. Thanks Georgette! Maybe I should aim for 142-ish. And I hope you are right about the other girls! hehe

    Allie - It's not self-disciple.. It's sheer terror. Nothing motivates more then fear. I've always been hyper aware of the number on the scale. I'm 5'9.. my number is always high, even though I am not fat... and the thought of weighing in, in front of people made me want to throw up a little. Though, the last three classes at Fabio's I've been weighing myself, in front of people to get over that fear. (In my tiny shorts no less!) hehe