Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm offically registered!

I just got home from weighing in. It was nice and degrading just like I thought it would be. Before I left, Allie, Phil and I weighed our selves. When we got there Allie and Phil weighed in before I did, and both of them were two pounds heavier then they were on Allie's scale. On Allie's scale I was 1.3 pounds under where I needed to be.

I about panicked. But instead of weighing in, in my clothes, I had on, I stripped down to my very small under things, took out my hair ties, and clips and got on the scale, to avoid the shame of weighing in twice. Now, I would have been okay with this except for the fact I was stripping down in front of about 6 men who were all just staring at me, waiting for me ot get on the scale.

Thankfully, I ended up on the scale at 141.8 and I needed to be under 144.9. Phew!

I found out there is one other beginner female who is almost exactly my weight, so that was a relief. I didn't want to have no one to fight, and I also didn't want to end up fighting some tiny twig and feel like a gigantic amazonian douche bag for picking on someone half my size. ... And of course I did not want to have to fight some tree trunk of a woman either... While I may end up having to do that anyway, I do know there will be at least ONE fight with someone of my same skill level, and size. That is the girl I want to beat.

I also found out there is no womens absolute, but oh well.

Anyway, I need to hit the store, pick up some snacks for tomorrow and then get in bed before 11 for tomorrow... I fight!


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