Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Undecided.

I talked to Fabio last night about what to do... and pretty much anyone else who would listen.

I still don't know what I am going to do.... I would make a pro and con list, but I know the pro list will consist of one item, and one item alone.  Beast mode!  

After last night though, I have a few other things to factor in.  

We have a LOT of girls fighting who are planning to go to the Miami Open and if I fight middle weight we will all be in different divisions.  Which really is making me consider middle weight more seriously.  

If we all go, we will have a female in every adult white belt division, as well as two in masters, super feather, and medium heavy.  ...This is if I go middle weight.  Other wise we will have two lights, and no middles.  

Obviously, I'm not worried about having to fight my teammate... but in different divisions we have potential to being home two golds instead of a gold and silver... Clearly, a better scenario for the team.  I would however, be perfectly happy to flip for gold/silver with any of my teammates. 

The other bit of information that is making me consider middle weight is I checked my ovulation app, and the week of the Miami open, is the week I am the most bloated as well as it being the stretch of time I am in most need of Dorito therapy.  That won't stop be from making light weight, it will just make it all the worse for the people unfortunate enough to be around me that week.

I know if I decide to cut my stubborn determined nature will be sure I make light weight... but it seems the more and more I think about it, the less sense it makes to cut. 

Perhaps bulking up a bit is the better option here.  ... but but but.... beast mode?  *sad face*  

I need to make a solid decision by the weekend.  I am doing my self no favors by waiting to decide.  

In other news, after class last night Yeti showed me the most ridiculous side control escape to head and arm choke thing ever.  It made me do a evil little cackle.


  1. Oh hell then-- team points/dynamics etc trump! I say go for medio.

    But beast mode is still available to you. You don't have to worry about being over weight, you just have to go into the tournament feeling strong and well rested. Make sure you peak and overcompensate (See:

    For me beast mode is about being at the top of my weight class and feeling like I am bigger, stronger, heavier than my opponents. I think you can still create that perception in your own mind. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Alright well that settles it! Medio it is! =) And you are totally right, G ... I can still go beast mode. I am still big-ish for a middle weight anyway. Thanks for my general lack of anything that could be interpreted as feminine curves I tend to have a low body fat percentage for a woman so even in middle weight I still feel bigger and stronger, and if I specifically train for that aspect, I think I will be perfectly happy in medio.

    And according to my doctor 148 is my ideal weight for fitness... which is *exactly* where I need to be for middle weight anyway.

  3. hahhaha "Dorito therapy" - that is priceless.

    Bulking up is a great idea. Go Go Gadget Medio Beast Mode!!

  4. Dorito therapy should be a medical term. It is a real thing, I swear. lol

  5. It is a medical term. After "Donut therapy" in the Merck's Manual.

  6. I use Cheez-It Therapy; I think they're similar.

  7. Ok, I let the mount comment go in the post after this but I can't let Dorito therapy and ovulation app go. Seriously, you have an ovulation app? Dorito therapy is an awesome term though I dislike Doritos! :P

  8. hahaha! Yes, I have an ovulation app... Not so much to track when I ovulate, but when I uhh, amd visited by the lovely side effect of ovulation. =) I dislike being surprised by her.

    ... and I love Doritos! Cool Ranch.... ahhhh!