Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Minor Setback.

Last night I did something really dumb while rolling.  Well, I suppose it wasn't so much dumb as it was .... Well, no, it was dumb.

Basically I was going over, and I tried to land in a way that would not land me mounted.  It worked, I landed more or less in a position I would be in if I were half escaped from an arm bar.

This would be a good thing, except in while doing it, I posted with my collar bone.  ... and I mean, I came down will all my weight collar bone first, lost all momentum and flopped onto my back like a dead fish.  It also jacked my neck out awkwardly.  If I had control of my arm, and did more of a tuck, I think I would have landed almost inverted.  I had no end game in mind when I started to move other than, don't get mounted. It was too random of a position, and too risky to even bother trying to figure out... especially since I can't really recall how we started.

Nothing popped or cracked, at least that I could hear or feel, but it sent a really sharp pain down my arm.  It felt the same way it does when you are electrocuted.  You know that wobbly feeling... It was like that, except really sharp.  I apparently made a noise, and then laid on the mat like an idiot for a few minutes trying not to cry.

I thought this morning I would be in a lot of pain, but I'm not. I have a dull ache basically covering the entire upper right side of my chest and into my shoulder... and a lot of neck stiffness.  I wasn't worried about my neck at all last night.. I knew I landed on it weird, but it was mostly my collar bone I was concerned about.

I should probably take a few days off, but like I said, I am dumb, and have the Miami Open looming, so I will probably just grapple and go light... (Which is perfect because my next few classes are the women's classes and we have a few smaller kids.)  However, since it is just a general ache and not pain, I think I am in the clear for anything like a broken bone, or severely jacked up something or the other... and yes, that is an official term.

Going to continue to ice it and take ibuprofen.


  1. I call that a "BONK! moment". When you're going over and your thought/movement process is so jacked up that you're definitely landing with a big BONK!

    (Hopefully the BONK! isn't coupled with sharp pain. Good luck and heal up quick.)

  2. Yes, this was most definitive a BONK! moment. lol

  3. I love the caution sign... I think I'll print it out and put it up at home :-)