Friday, June 22, 2012

A strange observation.

I have noticed recently that I grapple my best when I am completely and utterly out matched.  It makes no sense.  

If I grapple someone who I cab obliterate with my eyes closed (which is limited to 40 pound sleeping 5 year olds) or someone who is close to my level, sure I do okay.  I can do things right.  I can finish submissions.  I can escape submissions... and of course get submitted.

But there are two really awesome grapplers in particular that when I grapple them, I feel like I am absolutely at the top of my game.  I lose.  Hard.  For the entire duration of the grapple.  But I feel like if I always grappled the way I grapple them, I would be way better than I am. 

It makes about as much sense at this picture does.

Sadly, I can only be awesome 5 minutes at a time, and generally with only those two people... and I spend the 5 minutes of grappling super powers losing.  Its like a cruel joke.

It is especially cruel when I feel like I can walk on water post grappling them, then go grapple someone else and it's like... Oh yeah, I forgot, I am terrible at this!

It's like a depressing reverse rags to riches story every time.

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  1. That's hilarious! But true. I experience it, too. I'm sure it's typical. Maybe we just need to always "pretend" we're going up against grandmasters and we'll improve our game :D