Friday, July 13, 2012

At Dawn We Ride!

Tomorrow morning four ladies from our women's class are going to compete for the first time!!  I am so nervous and excited for them!  I know I am biased, but I think they will all do well.  Most of them have been training for 3-6 months.  So, they are jumping into the competition scene pretty early, but I think it will benefit their grappling, and their confidence.  So proud of them!!

Look out NAGA.  This hot mess is coming after your ladies.


  1. that's awesome! the trip itself is an awesome experience. At the last tourny we did the GQ in ohio on 3 teammates went, all women lol so the drive was fun, hanging out beforehand and ofcourse the chaos of coaching was fun as well. Hope they do well!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes! .. and sorry for my late reply! Competitions are so great for so many reasons! Esp, the bonding aspect! I really do love these girls! They are awesome!

  2. That is awesome!! I am proud of them too and I don't even know them!

    Have fun!!