Friday, June 10, 2011

Yup, she's broken...

Had my hand in a fist on the mat... Someone came down on it... knee first.  

I think I will still be able to grapple, just really badly.

The only annoying thing is typing... and uh... let's just say I am a righty and there are a few things I don't want any help with.  lol
I have a feeling this will be a short term problem, but long term annoyance.

But tape can fix it.... so I can grapple. =)


  1. Oh Stephanie, that SUCKS. On the upside, if you grapple with a hand that is all packaged and banadaged, you will look uber cool and all tough-like. lol..;)


  2. I'm so sorry. You could also grapple with a Boo Boo Bunny on your hand. That would really freak people out.

  3. haha! Thanks ladies! I did grapple with it.. twice. So far so good... less painful then I would have thought, and other than my epic lack of gripping, it hasn't really hindered me too much. So, yay for that at least.