Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad chokes, bad!

Have a broken finger is doubly bad for chokes.  I have no grip, so I generally fail at all gi chokes.... that I know and can execute.  I know of a few chokes you can use someone's gi with one hand and choke them with it, however, those few aside, one handed grappling equals no gi chokes for me.

No gi chokes?!

It is also bad for me when I am being choked.  Generally, when I am being gi choked, I get a hold of my own collar, and try a multitude of ways to prevent the stoppage of my blood flow... But since I have no grip it would do me no good anyway, and would require me to stick my hand in to a place that is about to become extremely cramped and tight.  ...Not a good place for brokenness.  

I will say though, I am having to be creative and find other ways to try and stop chokes.  Some successful, some less than stellar.  Learning to grapple is all about the trial and error, and having no right hand is forcing me into a lot of the trial and especially error part....  it is just starting to annoy me that I am being choked all the live long day!


  1. That IS super annoying. How can a bone that is so small be so troublesome?!?! Don't give into the temptation to try to much with it too soon. That's a weird bone to have to heal. You can't have a cast. So if it heals wrong because it gets injured further, it could be a pain in the butt to deal with. BE CAREFUL FRIEND! lol

  2. This may be a stupid comment. In fact, I guarantee it is a stupid comment. But I'm going to say it anyway. Instead of working on defending chokes, work on not getting into them. :)

    And instead of working gi chokes, work on position. A buddy of mine would work on one position per month. One month it was back control, both front and back, so he would let people take his back and defend. But a lot of that month was him not even going for easy stuff from other positions, and deliberately rolling, repositioning, to where he could take someone's back no problem.

    Just a thought. :)

  3. Surprisingly, not getting put into chokes is my general goal.... Buuuuut it never seems to quite work for me. lol

    My other major disadvantage is that I can't really attack one-handedly so I have to play the waiting game, and defend... which means I generally pull guard and triangle... or I have a hard to retaining guard because I can't grip squat.

    I have been in turtle more than normal, and I don't really know a whole ton of stuff to do from there.... especially with my gimped hand.

  4. Hi, stumbled upon your blog. my first comment :P

    Totally sympathize with the broken finger as I have been there. I actually competed in my first bjj competition one month after I broke it (fool-hardy but I have already paid for the flight tix). Cool thing was that instead of the traditional gi chokes, my coach and other seniors showed some variation of the chokes which I could apply without straining the injuries. I think it was the first time I learnt "adaptive" bjj.