Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Math makes me feel better.

Everyone from my school going to the Pan Ams is leaving today or tomorrow.  Good luck guys!

Anyway, when we were talking about it someone asked me if I would ever go, and I told them, that this time last year, I was thinking about possibly going this year.  But.....9 months off, and only having made it to seven classes in the three three months means I'm so not ready for something like the Pan Ams.

Anyway, we got on the maybe next year subject, and I said, hopefully by the time next year rolls around, I'll be a fairly decent white belt.

It made me kind of sad to think in a year from now I may very well still be a white belt, BUT then I thought about it, and I realized I train less in a month what I used to train in a week.  So, time wise, I will only get three to four months of time on the mat in an entire year.... in comparison to what I was doing before.   I was doing 4-6 days a week, now I am doing 3-4 times a month.

It actually makes me feel better.  I'd love to train more, but I am happy with my more balanced life, happier home, and more stable... everything.  But breaking it down to actual time on the mat versus actual time passing makes me feel better about my lack of progress in the time that I have been back to Fabio's, because it's really not a lack of progress, it is just less time on the mat.... and I am totally cool with that.

It does not matter how slow I go, as long as I do not stop.


  1. I really like what you said at the end..."It does not matter how slow I go, as long as I do not stop." So true!

  2. Good attitude. It's difficult to keep onself from comparing one's progress to that of classmates, especially when they are training more regularly. But it's PROGRESS, and the you of today is better than the you of last month.

  3. @Gina - I stole it from Confucius. I just altered it slightly/ =)

    @SK - I think comparing myself to my team mates progress is what was bumming me out so bad. Obviously someone training 6 times a week is going to fly right past me... but if I try and look at it from the mat time point of view, hopefully I can convince my brain of mat time vs actual time differences and stop beating myself up. hehe

    I also keep thinking that no one else is going to realize that I'm training so little, and they are just going to think I suck.... but then I realize, no one else cares. LOL

  4. I like what you said about a balanced life. Maybe someone else is progressing at a different rate and you are spending less time on the mat. But what other amazing things are you doing with that time? You can't print them on the back of your gi to advertise them in class and show why you are training once a week . . . or can you?!?

  5. Excellent post. I particularly liked this line, "it's really not a lack of progress, it is just less time on the mat". I have forgotten this one too many times. It is very hard not to compare yourself to others, and get down on yourself because of that comparison. Doing the math is a good way of putting it into perspective.

    @ Shark Girl: I really liked your comment as well. I think a lot of BJJers forget about balance. Though, if I were to put a patch to advertise what I do in my off time at this point in my life, it would say "I do research" or "I eat chicken wings", or "I laugh at LOLcats". Not that I skip BJJ to do the latter two, but it would be amusing to advertise that nonetheless! :)

  6. @Shark Girl - You know, your comment really put things into perspective. Yes, I am on the mat less... but the extra time with my family... You can't put a price on that. I should totally get a gi patch of my kids faces and put it on the back of my gi, with the caption, "Don't choke my mom!" LOL

    @Ashley - It is hard sometimes to not to compare yourself to others. Especially since the people you train with most ofter are normally the only way to really measure your progress. If normally I can hold my own against person A. ... but then person A starts to train more often, and suddenly starts tooling me... It's hard not to feel like I am somehow to blame. I am just hoping with my new perspective, I will understand why... and just get on with it. =)

  7. @Ashley - And you should get a LOLcats patch for your gi!

  8. I like the happier you better! BUT math never makes me feel better! hehehehe

  9. Oh, I LOVE the "Don't Choke My Mom" patch! That would really psych out the competition.

    You are so right about feeling it when Person A that you used to beat now can get a leg up on you. From what I've seen so far, the ladies of bjj have a competitive streak in us.