Thursday, March 17, 2011

It’s getting dark in here!

Tonight Fabio promoted Ben Aubin and Paul Kimbrel to the rank of black belt!!  It was a pretty momentous occasion for our school as they are his first black belts.  Both Ben and Paul have been with Fabio from the beginning.  Both of them have had major influences in my own game, and I am beyond excited for them. 

Ben getting his Black Belt!!

Paul getting his black belt!

Fabio welcoming Ben and Paul to black belt.

Kyle Staigner was awarded his brown belt.  Easily one of my favorite people to grapple, I am really excited for him and his new belt! Granted, brown is the ugliest of the belts, but I think he will manage.  Lol 

Thomas earned his blue, along with Ricky, Sam. Nick and Rhee!






 Big night tonight!  So happy for everyone!


Though I somehow managed to turn the best night at Fabio's into my worst night at Fabio's.  I had my first break down on the mat.  It was many little things back to back to back to back... to the point I just couldn't help it.  Allie was my safe haven since the bathroom was surrounded by people who I would have been horrified to see me crying.  So, I sat on the mat with my face buried in her shoulder crying like a big sissy for like 10 minutes.  Thankfully Phil was nice enough to use himself as a human shield to hide my crying from the rest of the class.  The whole thing was so stupid, I don't even want to justify it with an explanation.  It was just dumb, and hopefully I will just dust myself off, and keep on going.  

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  1. I really like the way you laid out the pictures on this. Looks snazzy! ;) And you shouldn't feel bad about last night. I have had so many freakin' meltdowns in the past year. It just shows how much this sport means to you.