Monday, February 7, 2011

Look at what you did to the back of my head!!

This is the back of my hair line, right behind my ear.  

You did this.  Yes, you over there... you that didn't wash your gi.  You really should wash it you know... more than like once a month.  It's super disgusting.  It offends my nose as well as the back of my neck.  I know Fabio washes the mats... I get there early.  I see him clean it before every single class.  So, I know it has to be you and your gross gi.  You may have waited to grapple until your ringworm was gone, but since you failed to wash you gi, it was all for nothing. 

Maybe you don't know when you should wash your gi, so I will break it down for you....

Have you or someone you have recently grappled had ringworm?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Have you or someone you have recently grappled had a staph infection?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Does your gi smell like feet?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Does your gi smell like butt?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Does your gi smell like rancid body oder?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Can you see a clear outline of your butt, knees and elbows in filth on your gi?  If yes, you should wash your gi

Does your gi smell like anything other than something clean?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Does your gi get up and move around once you have taken it off and thrown it on the floor or stuffed it in the trunk of your car?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Is your gi a horrid shade of yellow when it should be white?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Have you worn your gi ONE or more times on the mat?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

Has your gi been on the floor or mat ONE or more times?  If yes, you should wash your gi.

You should wash your gi  every single time you grapple in it. 

The End.

And btw, if you answered yes to the first two questions, you should also wash your sheets and all of the towels you've recently used in hot water.


  1. And despite popular rumor, occasionally throwing 1/2c of bleach in the laundry water before you put the gi in will not cause the Earth to stop spinning on its axis. It WILL help with killing critters like staph and ringworm.

  2. I find it incredible that people DO NOT wash their gi, rashie etc after EVERY training session. Surely, the extra work involved in washing the gear after every session is less bad than the disgusting feeling of putting on stinky gear??

    If only the wearer had to suffer, I wouldn't care, but sadly, it's just as disgusting for all the training partners. And thanks to ringworm and staph, it's just as dangerous to all the training partners.

    Maybe the only way is to have a written school policy which stipulates that people who turn up with stinky gear have to sit out the class.

    I hope you will be ok soon.

  3. Maybe he's waiting till his gi can tap you out without him in it!

  4. @Georgette - Are you sure? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that we will all cease to be if you grapple in clean gi. =)

    @Cy - I know!!! I want to gag when I go to grab gi, and it has that... unclean feeling... not to mention the horrible smell. I couldn't imagine actually putting on a gi that disgusting. I have always, always washed my gi after every wear. Well, before I had two gis, I wore the same one to night and afternoon classes, but after doing that twice... I got a second gi. Too gross.

    @SavageKitsune - Hahaha! Maybe! They he won't need a training partner! He could practice at home. hehe

  5. I'm glad I have more than one gi. When I first started I only had one gi and I'm sad to say I would wear it twice before washing because there are no dryers here! I icked myself out and got another gi.

  6. @Julia - It's hard to keep on them when you only have one and train several times a week. Yay for second gis! ... or seventeenth if you are Georgette! lol

  7. Wow! How did you ever catch that? I'm not sure I would even notice it. But I DO wash my gi faithfully after every class. I got that from reading all you bloggers' great posts. Thanks for helping keep the mat nasty free!

  8. Shark Girl - No idea. I had just woken up, and I was fixing my pony tail and felt something weird on the back of my neck. Lo and behold.... Ringworm! Ugh.