Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabio Novaes on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

One of my teammates's brother used Fabio and the school for a project.  I know Allie blogged the same thing, but I feel like I need to point out something hilarious.  Remember yesterday when I said I got a really nice compliment and it was a huge boost that I totally needed?  Part of that grapple is in this video, but the funny part is that it was my "oh crap" moment of the night.  I tried to escape a triangle, and got swept over, and then promptly tooled.

Triangle escapes are my nemesis.

So, check it out.  I suck bad.  lol - Though, it's an okay sucking.  I'm a white belt, hes a purple belt.  I'm allowing myself to be okay with it.  I just wish it wasn't on youtube for the world to see.... You know, because everyone cares.  lol

Oh yeah, and Fabio wants to hurt you on the inside... So, beware!  lol


  1. Lol, I call karmic payback, since the still shot of your (fabulous & awesome) women's jiu-jitsu video is me getting choked out by a triangle. ;)

  2. HAHAHAHA You do NOT suck bad. Anthony is a purple belt. He is required to tool you. lol. And you were escaping the triangle like you should have. He just...adapted. lol

  3. @leslie - lol! I didn't actually pick did! However I did leave it, but only because your arms look amazing! Lol

  4. Those arms are nice, aren't they? *le sigh* I'm trying to get them back again... *pout*

  5. I so feel you. Back when I was training 5+ times a week my arms were awesome. ... and now... my arms make actual sad faces at me when I look in the mirror. lol