Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I have boobs and I grapple.

Hello Blog.

In the past six weeks I have:

-Competed in NAGA. I totally flopped my gi fight, but in my defense, the girl who ate my face for dinner did win first in both adult and masters gi... and I placed second in no-gi.

-Taken a few private lessons. My school puts white belts with everyone from day one. So, I am able to roll with blue, purple and brown belts (and sometimes black belts) on a regular basis. I love that and I think it has helped me to have a slightly better grappling game then someone who only ever rolls with other crappy white belts, (I learned a lot from "Omg, what did you just do to me." and a lot of my grapples turn in to little 5 minute tutorials.) but some of the fairly basic things get over looked. An hour spent one on one with someone going over the very basics has been so beyond helpful, I can't even begin to explain.

-Injured my wrist. Nothing major, but with the next NAGA in 45 days (Yes, I am counting.) I have been trying hard to help it heal. Thankfully, it is my left wrist, which is my retarded side, and I only ever notice it when I post out on that side, or when I go for gi chokes.

So... to the point of my blog.

I have boobs... I still have them in spite of my best efforts to paste them down to my body when I go to class. …. (And it’s not like I even have big boobs….)

My boobs were an issue when I started Jiujitsu... at least they were for me. I didn't want to put them on anyone, or in anyone’s face. I eventually got over that... but for some reason I am starting to worry about it again... but only when I roll with certain people. I don’t even know why. It’s not like I am attracted to them… I could at least understand that, but no… It’s just a few random guys… and it is REALLY annoying! It has nothing at all to do with their behavior, no one has been inappropriate or anything like that. I just get uncomfortable and weirded out which sends my game straight down the gutter…. and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s even worse when they point out that I am not keeping pressure on them. I just mutter “Oh right”… and cringe as I lower myself on to them. I look like and imbecile… I’ve been grappling for four months. I should know to keep pressure by now. I can’t exactly explain that I was purposefully keeping my chest off of their’s without coming off like a complete and total creep… or making it sound like I think they are the creep. And the last thing I would want to do is ask not to grapple them. I A. do not want to complain, and B. do not want my instructors to get the wrong impression and think they had done something to make me uncomfortable….

And it’s not like I can even feel anything through my two bras, underarmor and gi.

I don’t even know. … but yes, I do feel a little better now that I have talked to myself a little about it. lol


  1. HAHAHAHA. I love your blogs, Steph. You're hilarious. As to the boob issue, I'm right there with you. But keep in mind, we grapple with gis, so that puts a little padding between us and them. And also, BJJ is kind of a complicated sport so most of the time the guys aren't even paying attention to our boobs because hey're so busy trying not to get choked out by us!! (Ok, I can't back up that last part, but it sounds nice.) Either way, we have boobs and there's nothing we can do about it. We have to keep our weight on them. If they're going to get pervy, that's their problem. They better enjoy it while it lasts because they ain't getting nothing after time is called!! lol

  2. I actually read some forum advice just a few minutes ago -- to a girl with implants (said to be like having a medicine ball between you and your partner) -- that said to focus on using your upper abs and ribcage to keep the pressure on.

    I don't have any weirdness when I grapple with the guys, even nogi. The only time I'm weird with boobs is the few times I've rolled with other girls -- because I've had zero practice against anyone who had them, so I'm used to putting my hands anywhere I want to on an opponent's chest. So these girls probably think I'm feeling them up. :o

  3. Allie - LOL!

    BJJGrrl - It's Leslie right? That is a good idea.. I might try that.. but like I said.. it's just a few of the guys and it is out of no where.

    That is funny about grappling with other girls though... I grapple with Allie almost every day, and she had really big boobs (Sorry Allie!) so I just got used to navigating boobs from day one.

  4. Yep, Leslie. This is the only way I could sign in to leave a comment, lol.

    That technique might help you keep pressure without boobage. As for the random awkwardness, I got nothing... :-/

  5. I find that some techniques + certain times of the month make it a bit more uncomfortable. Most recently being on the bottom of half guard while the top guy does the smash pass keeping his head on your boobs.

    I also get the not knowing where to put your hands on a female partner. I mostly roll with guys.


  6. Interesting post!. Being a guy and having grappled a few girls I thought I could give my viewpoint. For the first few seconds I definitely think "ah boobs better watch out for those" but then as the mind goes blank and you settle into the roll its completely the same as grappling a guy. Only thing that I do notice is that chest protectors can hurt abit. Especially as I like half guard abit... . Any pervy guy would have to be very brave as he runs the risk of being choked out by the girl and/or the instructer and team mates.