Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miracle Ringworm Cure

About six months ago there was a pretty bad ringworm extravaganza at my school.  Everyone had it, and everyone wanted to share.

Fabio had to take some pretty drastic measures to get it under control.

.... and I have ringworm again.

I think I got it at NAGA.  It is on the part of my arm that had a lot of contact with the mat while I was screaming from the sidelines.

I discovered it Friday morning at a very early stage.. I wasn't even sure it was ringworm, but I busted out my ringworm kit and started treating just to be sure.  Saturday morning my spot was smaller than a dime, but very clearly ringworm.  *angry face*

Annoyed, I decided to tape a tea tree oil soaked cotton ball to my arm all night.

This morning there was zero trace of the ringworm remaining.  Zero!  The spot is slightly discolored, but not a single bump, lump or other ringworm-esque symptoms.

HUZZAH!!  Granted, it could just be gone because I found it early and have been taking proper care of it.  Which is likely the case... but HUZZAH! anyway.

I am still going to continue treating the area to be safe.  (If you have ringworm you should read this for proper instruction to care for and cure your ringworm.)

I am a little concerned because I have grappled a few times between NAGA and when I noticed I had ringworm, but as far as I know it is only contagious when you have the rash or lesions present.  Hopefully that is the case and I have not put my teammates at risk, because when I first noticed it it wasn't even the size of a pencil eraser and was still smooth.  It couldn't have been more than a day old.

And by the way, if you don't know what tea tree oil is, it is an essential oil with anti-fungal properties.  You can find it at your local drugstore for less than 10 bucks. 


  1. I LOVE tea tree oil and I use it frequently for all skin related issues, ringworm, blemishes, cuts, and it works in a pinch as deodorant.

  2. Mee toooo! I've been using it more and more recently. I got it when I got ringworm the first time... and kind of just stashed it after it cleared up.

    Then I stumbled across something online about how tea tree oil is good for breakouts... and since I am almost 30, getting wrinkles AND still break out I thought I would give it a shot.

    I didn't realize you could use it as deodorant though! I may try that sometime. lol

  3. There are several soaps and bodywashes that contain tea tree oil that you can get. An excellent addition to your post BJJ shower process.

  4. I think I am going to go hunting for some of that! Tea tree oil is great.