Friday, January 21, 2011

Knee on Boo-boo.

I hurt my knee Monday night.  It a freak weird way.  I was in mount, and grape vined the legs, and the person went kind of ... flaily, and it pushed my knee out at a weird angle.  It hurt when it happened, but not much... enough for me to let go, and go to high mount, but it wasn't like, ouch submission, or ouch I think I just hurt myself, it was just uncomfortable... and has remained uncomfortable since then.  It doesn't really hurt unless I turn my knee in.  Which unfortunately for me, I do more than I realize.   I've been icing it, and all of that, but it doesn't seem to be going away.

I got a knee brace today, thinking if nothing else, if I wore it, it would keep me aware of my knee, and I would stop turning it in... but to my surprise, it has helped A LOT.  It had been at a very dull ache all week, but with the brace on, it doesn't seem to bug me at all.  And it's not uncomfortable to walk anymore.  Yay!

Now to attempt to grapple in it.  Should be fine, but I am sure it will be a little weird.

The brace however squeezes my leg flesh out the top and bottom of the brace, and makes my knee cap look like a brain when I straighten my leg, but whatever.  It doesn't hurt, so I'm not going to complain about it.  lol

Brain Knee, and Sausage Leg.


  1. Your leg looks a good deal less sausage-y than mine would. Interesting the brace helps so much, this makes me consider stuffing my knee (and ankle) into one (two) and seeing if that helps....

    Hope you heal fast! :)

  2. Thanks G! And I was honestly shocked by how much the braced helped. You should try one. =)

  3. Heal up fast! You're not allowed to miss any training! lol

  4. Heck to the no. I am going to class even if my leg falls off.

  5. I wore a knee brace a lot when I started BJJ. I have a dodgy left knee from waaaayyy back (horse related accident..). It helped lots. Sort of felt like it kept things together. It definitely reduced the aches I used to get also. For a newer injury, don't underestimate the value of compression to reduce swelling, either!

    Then for some reason the old injury ceased to bother me and I no longer wear the knee brace. I assume it's because my leg muscles and tendons which support the knee are much stronger now. I've only had to wear the knee brace for a short time since then, when my knee was pushed sidewise while straight. Ouch. Sore. Ice and knee brace and it was good after a couple of weeks. I always have one in my bag, though I haven't worn one for a long time now.

    Don't be shocked by how much it helps ;-) BTW, same goes for an ankle brace.

  6. Left out a really important word there..... I'm NOT going to miss class even if my leg falls off. lol

  7. Cy - It's funny... I know people who wear them religiously, and I have always thought 'How can that possibly help?' it is just a tight stretchy thing.... but man, it makes all the difference!

  8. ahahahahaha You made me laugh when you said your knee looked like a brain.