Friday, July 2, 2010

The silver lining still sucks when the rain cloud is no BJJ.

Silver lining....

All of my little nagging bumps and bruises have all healed, and my finger and and toe nails once again look like they belong to a female.  I also have significantly less laundry to do, as I do not have to wash and dry my gi every single day.

...  but I am still counting the days.


  1. This is kinda like the silver lining of having a foot in a cast ... you only wear one pair of socks every two days, which cuts down on laundry.

    You'll get back to it soon, and when you do you might find that you were better for having the break. Although the break totally sucks.

  2. Jiu jitsu misses you. And we do too.

  3. Hope you get back on the mat soon!!!

  4. What Georgette said! Take care. :)