Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smooth like butter....

This blog is specifically for my teammates.

I'd like to clear a few things up...  lol

You see the box to the right of this blog entry... "Search this blog".  In the entry field, I would like you to type "butter" and see that nothing comes up... at least nothing in reference to Kyle.  I never said anything about butter cookies, or grappling in butter, or that Kyle grapples like butter... and while all of said rumors may be true... (LOL) I never actually said them.  Which in turn also means that by comparison Paul is not ... what was it... rigid and mechanical.  I will admit that I have called him a machine in the past, but in a complimentary way.

So, just so we are clear.

While Kyle may grapple like butter, I have never uttered the word butter and Kyle in the same sentence.

Nor did I say that Paul was rigid.... in fact he is quite the opposite,  if a stick of butter could go to the Pan Ams, win two gold medals, and choke me out with ease, I would call it Paul. least on days he shaves... because some times he can get a little rough and scratchy.

And on that note, Paul and Kyle... I've got nothing but love for ya!  <3

I would also like to ask anyone who can, to please choke Sam out once for me.  =)  I hear he is the rumor mill!  LOL

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  1. Smoooooth like butter, i like that comparison and I would say stick to it! As for Paul, he can't go from Paul 'the bruiser' to 'smooth as butter', it just doesn't flow as smoooooth. Having said that, I would only make fun of Paul after we grapple though, just sayin'. As for Sam, don't worry, i got your back..all I learned at the seminar will be put to good use. That topic did provide some entertainment though :), even Fabio was in on it.