Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I still can not get over what a cool guy he was.  Friendly, nice, and all the while a little scary.  =)  He has this, I-am-awesome-and-I-know it kind of aura about him, but not in a cocky way, but these are just the facts kind of way.  I can't explain it, but he was just really great.

He taught the seminar, obviously, and two of Fabio's regular classes afterward.  He is leaving tomorrow morning at 8 AM.  I can honestly say I am going to miss him. I can NOT wait until next year!

My favorite thing I learned from him is this froward shoulder roll from top half guard that lands you with your opponent's back.  I love it.  A lot of the other techniques he showed revolved around getting to the back or attacking the back... which I really appreciated because, that is my favorite place to be.  Now I know 3 or 4 new ways to get there.

 I can totally see where Fabio gets his style of teaching.  I could see a lot of Fabio's style in Saporito, and it was really neat to see first hand where Fabio comes from.... well, where Fabio's BJJ comes from anyway.

Even off the mat he was a really great guy.  I take my kids to the day time classes, and he was really nice to them, played with them, and even let Zaile play with his belt!  I took pictures.  hehe


  1. It was an awesome visit! Wish I could have been at that seminar!! Can't wait til next years'!

  2. I know, I too was sad you missed it! Next year though... I can't wait either! =D