Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank you for being trustworthy.

My team has an unusual number of women on it.  We have at least a dozen women who train regularly.

But that still leaves us out numbered over 20 to 1 when it comes to our male teammates.

Training BJJ was actually a little difficult for me in the beginning.  If I was not instantly obsessed, I don't think I would have kept training.  I have trust issues as well as personal space issues (Well, HAD personal space issues.  BJJ fixed that.) but to train BJJ I had to blindly trust that these essential strangers, who were climbing all over my body, were doing so with good intentions.

Three years in and they have all proven their intentions to be pure... at least in the way that they are only trying to do me bodily harm.  =)

Sadly, with the Lloyd Irving horror story unraveling, I realize more and and more that, that is not always the case. 

So, thank you Team Fabio Novaes for being decent, upstanding human beings.  Thank you for not letting my trust be misplaced.  I feel blessed to be part of this team and thankful to have my teammates, male and female in my life.

Trust is not something I give lightly, or easily so it means more than I can express that I have a place where I can let my guard down, and still feel safe.


  1. Thanks for not attacking me like a sex panther! :)

    1. Hahaha! Sadly sex panther is not in my arsenal of attacks.

  2. Thank you for posting an incredibly positive post in spite of all the bad news floating around. There are so many academies that are genuinely upstanding and those need to be published just as much as the bad ones do! Also, I love that you have 12 girls regularly! I'm super jealous.

  3. I am sure gyms like mine are the norm. It is just so devastating stuff like this happens to big well known gyms so very publicly. I think it should be public and exposed to bring justice, and hopefully prevent this in the future, it is just so awful. And it makes me so angry because I think due to the close contact that BJJ requires a lot of people who don't train call that into question. And now with this huge ordeal on the forefront of BJJ news it just.. It's just awful.. for all the people involved and for BJJ in general.

    And YES! I am SO happy we have so many women in our gym! There was only one other girl when I started so it has been SUPER wonderful to see so many other girls come and stay.