Sunday, May 20, 2012

More on BJJ hair for Women.

About a year ago I blogged about how my hair has transitioned from when I started grappling to it's current state, and the various pros and cons of each stage of my hair.  

I just cut my hair even shorter, and I love it!  

One of the guys I trained with recently became engaged to the extremely talented Keather Bennett of The Millennia Salon and Spa, which ended up leading to the best thing that ever happened to my head.

Being the nerd that I am, I photo journaled the experience.

Firstly, I must say that at the Millennia Spa, they give you donuts.  Already a win. 

 Instead of panicking that half my head of hair was falling into my lap, I made a mustache out of it instead.  Clearly the logical course of action.   
 Look at all my grey hair.  I am such an old lady! lol

 Stop!  Color time! 
If you can't tell it is basically a wide mohawk you can wear down, or up if you feel so inclined.  

I have yet to do it, but this is what it looks like up:

It is perfect for grappling.  My head stays cool, it doesn't doesn't get in my way, and I don't have to keep it in a pony tail which would inevitably come undone while grappling.

And I can still make it look feminine and girly.

I can't put into words how much I love it, and how wonderful The Millenna Spa is.  The Spa is beautiful, the staff is super friendly, and clearly they did an awesome job with my head.  If you live in the Lakeland/Winter Haven area, I would highly recommend them the next time you need a massage anything done to your face, hair or nails.

The Millennia Salon and Spa
3046 Cypress Gardens Road
Winter Haven, Florida
(863) 268-8282


  1. smart cut!! i cut my hair for grappling and instead i can NEVER put it in a pony tail and it's an even bigger distraction lol go figure. Love the color