Thursday, April 26, 2012

I may die.

I have an epic coffee addiction.  It is not uncommon for me to have 5+ different kind of coffee creamers in my fridge at a time.

I got a new flavor last week (or so I thought), and tried it.  It was pretty good.  This morning, I thought I would use it again.

I opened my fridge pulled out the creamer and poured it in my coffee.

It was kinda chunky.

"Hmm..."  I thought, "That's weird."

But I stirred it in, and drank it.  Surely, it was fine.. I just bought it.  Maybe this kind needs to be shaken prior to use.  Tasted okay... kinda weird, but I chalked it up to the breakfast I was having.

Then I went back for a second cup.  Opened the fridge, pulled out the creamer, and turned around to my coffee maker.  The coffee creamer I'd just used was still sitting there.  I'd ever put it away.


Turns out, I have tried that flavor before and never finished it bottle...  It expired in March....
of 2011!

It is actually that small bottle pictured above... I posted that on TwitPic 419 days ago.

Normally I never have to check or throw away coffee creamer.  I generally just consume it well before the point in which I would need to toss it.  I never bother even looking through my coffee creamer when I clean out the fridge. I don't know how this one managed to get away from me.   

Side by side of my fresh and highly expired creamer.


  1. I don't know how this one managed to get away from me.
    The real question is, when you reached into the fridge to grab it, why didn't it grab you back.

    1. It's also weird that the bottle didn't warp or get funky. We went out of town for several weeks once... I made the mistake of leaving the milk in the fridge.. when we came back the bottle was bloated and super gross.

  2. Last year (or it might have been the year before), I happily ate some delicious chocolate pudding that had an expiry date of 1987. Tasted great. I was thinking earlier the same day how much I used to love some of the desserts from my childhood, so what better way to relive that by eating some desserts ACTUALLY from my childhood? ;D

    Although it was powdered (just add milk), which is possibly why I'm still alive.

  3. A girl after my own heart. I too love coffee creamer. Unfortunately, here in Okinawa, the only options are the " basics"

  4. Other than around the holidays we tend to have pretty basic ones as well... Unless I wanna go into the city. lol Gotta love the boonies.