Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not grappling on purpose...?!

I've been sideline for injury more times than I can remember, and due to circumstances outside my control I had to take 9 months off last year.  Each time, I counted down every minute until I could grapple again, and like the mature adult I am, I pouted like a child until I was back on the mat.  No seriously.  I pouted like a child.  Openly, and shamefully.

Last week I did something purposefully that I knew would sideline me for at least a week, possibly two.  Yet, I gladly marched my happy ass right toward it.  It has been a week since I've grappled, and oddly I'm not behaving like a huffy upset toddler.  Perhaps it was because this time I knew ahead of time I would not be able to grapple, or perhaps because this time I'm not hobbling around my house like a peg legged pirate.  Or maybe it is because I am just happy to finally have gotten my tattoo I don't mind that I can't grapple for a few weeks.

It is a week old today and it feels fine.  I could probably grapple tonight if I wanted to but since I still have a few small scabby areas I'm going to go ahead and not rub myself all over the mat and risk infection.

Up close of the flowers.. 

Far away and blurry... 

And good luck to everyone heading to the Pan Ams this week!  Be safe!