Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last night was a great night.

Two girls came to class for the first time. They were both adults, like Allie and I are. And it really made me feel good about my progress.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT talking trash about these two girls... We all start somewhere, but they were pretty terrible, and I know I was just as bad, if not worse when I started.... and seeing someone else just starting out made me realize just how much progress I have made. I know I am still a crappy white belt, but I can at least see positive proof that I am if nothing making progress. Woohoo!

Other highlights:

I got to use an arm drag on someone who has at least 80 pounds on me, and it worked. I got his back! Woohoo! Thanks Mario!

I also to grapple Brian., my former instructor. lol He can still pretzel me with one arm and both legs tied behind his back.. as I expected, but he said he could tell I was making progress...and it was fun to roll with him... he does crazy gymnastics when he grapples. It's confusing, and intimidating, but he is super nice, so it makes me laugh instead of frustrating me. =)

And I put a hole in the wall. This isn't so much a highlight as it is just something that happened, and made me laugh. The wall is riddled with holes, and everyone blames Paul for them all... he claims they are not all his handy work, but now I know at least one of the holes isn't Paul's doing. Then when he saw the hole, he said his only problem with the hole was the placement. LOL! Had I being doing the triangle escape properly the hole would have been much lower.

I freaking love Jiu-jitsu!


  1. Congrats on getting to see your progress against the new girls. :)

    I find it's hard to find any progress even when the instructors say "You're getting better!" because they just finished pretzeling me with only one arm (which certainly doesn't feel like progress to me), and yet somehow they see how we would do against those new girls (who usually aren't there).

  2. I know right! Someone who just dominated me completely telling me I did well just seems wrong. I just have to tell myself that they have no reason to lie to me, and I should believe them... lol