Monday, February 24, 2014

BJJ Knees

When I first started BJJ someone made a joke and said, 'With BJJ it isn't if you will need knee surgery, it's when'. 

I made it almost 4 years without a serious knee injury, but my time has finally come. I don't need surgery but I will be out of commission for at least a couple of months. 

I tore my LCL the night of my belt graduatio , and have yet to have yet to even grapple as a purple belt. Not that I think it will be a single bit different than the hundreds of grapples leading up to this belt, but it is kind of a frustrating time to get an injury. 

It's been two weeks and I can almost walk normally again, so it is getting better, just slowly. And this time around I plan to properly take care of myself and not grapple the second I feel a little better and end up making my injury worse... Like I always do. But. Ugh. I've done nothing but sit around for two weeks and I'm pretty over it already. No grappling. No competing. No running. No walking like I don't have on a soggy diaper.  Nothing. ... Not for another six weeks, and when I am finally able to compete again I'll probably do so as a  super heavy weight. Yay. 

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  1. Ran across your site... I feel your pain. Literally. While I'm still a noob (started in bjj and judo in July), I've had my share of knee injuries over the years. I tore my lcl and had a 'non-displaced tibial plateau fracture' a few months ago (judo) - I was totally non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. Do the Physical Therapy and get a good brace to roll in. I used my 'official' Breg brace when I first went back, transitioned to a Shock Doctor with hinges, then to another one with just stays. I don't know that I would actually recommend any of the braces I used, they all had their issues, but I think they all do. The only thing that saved my sanity was to find ways to work out that didn't involve my knee until I could get back on the mat. I will admit that I was back on the mat the day I got off my crutches, but it took another 6-8 weeks until I was back to something like full speed. BTW, don't get rid of your braces as you transition - I still switch between them as needed - unfortunately, once you have a knee injury, you learn there are good days and crappy days (except for the Breg, I hate that one).